April 14, 2015


I thought it would be a good way to start off the first blog post with a hello and the reason why I decided to setup this website.  I’ve worked in the IT industry since leaving high school and have really enjoyed the ride so far.  In recent years I’ve really made an effort with continued education and learning from other experts in the industry.  I’ve since understood that sharing knowledge and learning from others is really what I love and I believe it’s imperative to share the knowledge and experiences with like minded individuals to expand their and your own knowledge and understanding of the products and services we implement.

I drew inspiration from the crew at @frontlinechat@eucpodcast as well as @xenappblog and @HelgeKlein.  I consider these gentlemen rock stars of the industry, guys that are really knowledgeable and know their stuff.  Even thou my knowledge is far from these guys, I aspire to get to the level they are at.  Part of the journey for me is to share the my experiences on a particular problem or product which I’ll share here.

My goals would be to work toward VMware vExpert, Citrix CTP and would really like some Nutanix certification (I have not yet worked with the technology hands on, but the technology really interests me and I’ll get there).

Finally I hope the future content is helpful and informative for you.  If you have any questions drop me a message via the About Me page or reaching out on twitter @gbchapman.

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